Nate Owen

Software Developer, Mathematician, Bando-Commando

Working ba2205574dfa8638e9650e7d9c91869ada20b3a9b8766b3cb0266bbd613ab6a1 What am I working on now?

A single page app built with AngularJS to serve and filter some information about internal and external scholarships available to the William and Mary community. I have the data here, and I plan to tie the app to this google sheet so that my fellow Peer Scholarship Advisors can easily update the content of the app. Here is the current work in progress.

I'm going to be working with Microsoft on Bing this summer!

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Aid Data
William and Mary
Beach Street All Stars
Elizabeth River Project
Jersey Surf Drum and Bugle Corps

Coding a0656c1a8ee937cdbe8c7cda0cea39661840cf983c17e4076671582d182f243e Projects

Scholarship Search
Steer Clear W&M (angularjs)
W&M Rate My Professor Chrome Extension (js, jquery)
Class Notifier (rails)
GoSeek iOS App (objective c)
3-D Android Maze Game
Pivotal Tracker API Ruby Gem (open source contributor)
Pivotal Tracker Deployment Report Emailer (rails)
GENe Bioinformatic Application (python)

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